OSSIANIX, INC. is a privately held biotherapeutics company that develops single domain antibodies based on the highly versatile VNAR structure from shark. Due to remarkable biological and biophysical properties, the VNAR platform can rapidly deliver unique, exquisitely high-affinity products to multiple target classes and overcomes most disadvantages of conventional monoclonal antibody therapy. The platform is also ideal for generating bispecific and trispecific products that can be engineered with ease to develop products with differentiated features in clinically meaningful conditions and also allow targeting to both the blood brain barrier and GI tract for CNS and oral applications.

The company located in the University City Science Center in downtown Philadelphia was founded in 2011 by highly experienced drug developers, Frank S Walsh and Corey Goodman. Thus far, the company has produced a high-quality shark single domain VNAR phage library and has drug discovery programs ongoing in a variety of therapeutic areas both alone and with corporate partner Lundbeck.